Wednesday, January 30, 2008

COMMENTARY: Appointee Nelson Supports Convention Center Investigation

The Intelligencer Journal's of Jan. 30 reports the following from newly-appointed Convention Center Authority Board Member Dr. Sharron Nelson:

"If there were extravagances or improprieties — or nothing ... (we need to) know that so we can educate the public in terms of what happened and to make sure if it was inappropriate or too expensive, it doesn't happen again."


Nelson will be able to demonstrate her conviction tomorrow evening when the Convention Center Authority votes to choose its new officers. If she votes for Art Morris, Laura Douglas or R. B. Campbell for chair, the investigation of possible past improprieties or malfeasance by board members and / or staff should be in safe hands. (Highly competent Kevin Fry has not shown interest in the position. Julienne Dixson will be attending her first meeting.)

Since Ted Darcus was chair throughout much of the period to be investigated and for reasons obvious to those who witnessed his Draconian and wrong-headed tenure on the Board, he certainly should not be a candidate.