Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Commissioners hear about Authority board vacancy, fired naturalist

At the this morning's weekly public meeting of the County Commissioners, County residents spoke to the Commissioners about their concerns.

NewsLanc president Robert Edwin Field prefaced the reading of the statement below with an expression of concern about the dangers facing the fledgling Commissioners in prematurely appointing a replacement for Tom LeCrone, pointing out hasty and decisions made early in an administration can have dire and long term consequences.

He also said, "It is important that the openness that Art Morris has capably brought to that Authority be continued." He warned: "If, in fact, the nominee is going to be 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,' as we've seen in the past, confidence will be lost not only in the Authority but in this body as well."

Bonnie Miller of Manor Township agreed, saying, "I plead with you to be open. Right or wrong [the Convention Center] is going to exist, and the Community is going to try to support it, but please place someone on that Board who has knowledge of Convention Centers and has knowledge of what they're doing. Please do not make it a political appointment."

For the second week in a row, friends and acquaintances of former County Parks employee Lisa Sanchez turned out to ask the Commissioners to look into her apparent termination late last month.

Tim Mackey of Pequea Township said, "I'm appealing to you to intervene on her behalf and have her reinstated as a naturalist," extolling Ms. Sanchez as "born to teach.

Gail Meylin of Millersville added "She is passionate about the natural world, about sharing her knowledge, and gifted in her ability to do so."

The Commissioners listened respectfully but reminded the audience that they cannot, as a matter of policy, comment on a County personnel matter.

The commissioners approved an arrangement with Cumberland County for per diem payment per "resident" at the Youth Intervention Center and for the filing of a Grant Application for funds for the Lancaster Family Center for future years.