Thursday, January 17, 2008

Exclusive: Kucinich Challenging NH Primary

Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich is challenging the New Hampshire primary and calling for a recount.

A video from Black Box Voting allegedly shows a Diebold ballot counting machine being hacked by switching memory cards. The test showed everything normal, then they fed in 10 optically marked ballots -- 7 Yes and 3 No -- and got an official tally of: 2 Yes and 8 No.

The vote count showed as much as a 16-point departure from polls. The only other times the vote varied that dramatically was in Florida and Ohio.

A precinct analysis of the Diebold machines in NH -- which counted something like 70 percent of the precincts -- showed a dramatic variance from the precincts that were counted by hand. The hand counted precincts matched the polls. The Diebold precincts showed a distinct tilt toward Hillary.

A check was made to determine if the variation could be explained by demographics. The Diebld precincts tended to be urban and might have actually favored Hillary. So they did a mathematical analysis based on prior election results -- and they still found an unexplained tilt toward Hillary.

Since Kucinich did not finish in contention in NH, he is entitled to demand a recount but he will have to pay for it himself.

According to one of the persons involved in the vote examination "This could be one of those rare instances where we could check the count against actual paper ballots. The Diebold machines in NH are optical counters -- not touch screen machines. So paper ballots exist and can be checked precinct by precinct. Finally we can see if it matches or not."

NewsLanc had warned the prior Lancaster commissioners against acquiring used electronic voting machine that did not provide a paper trail, advice accepted by then commissioner Molly Henderson but ignored by Dick Shellenberger and Pete Shaub.