Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Justice, Justice" - Henderson Sues Newspapers!

At long last justice may be done! Molly Henderson has brought suit against Lancaster Newspapers for their biased misrepresentation of her over the course of the battle pertaining to a county guarantee of convention center debt.

She is asking $50,000 plus punitive damages. It is the punitive damages that the monopoly newspapers need to fear because they could amount to millions; if justice be done, tens of millions.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether the suit can be heard outside of Lancaster County, so that Henderson's claims can be judged by citizens who have not been bombarded by years of biased and self-serving reporting.

According to the Intelligencer-Journal (and they should know!), "The lawsuit alleges Lancaster Newspapers management, reporters and editors conspired to discredit Henderson in a bid to get her out of office to protect the
company's financial interests as a partner in the hotel portion of the project."

The article also names John M. Buckwalter, Raymond Shaw, Ernest J. Schreiber, Marvin Adams, Gilbert Smart and Helen Colwell Adams. Also accused are Arthur Morris, a Sunday News columnist and also now the chair of the Convention Center Authority; John H. Brubaker III and David Pidgeon.

Time will tell whether being named in the law suit will cause Morris to withdraw as a candidate for reelection as chair of the Authority.

As NewsLanc repeatedly has indicated, the Intelligencer-Journal and the Sunday News would be good and worthy newspapers if it were not for the
interference of corporate management when parent company interests are at stake. The New Era will be unredeemable until their editor-in-chief and certain panderers and hatchet men, so called "reporters," are replaced.

NewsLanc will be reporting further on this matter as details become available.