Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nominations for Authority Offices Invalidated

Nominating committee chairman Thomas LeCrone has requested that Convention Center Authority Chair Art Morris "expand the nominating committee to include all board members" and "schedule another nominating committee meeting."

A meeting in December of the three member committee ran into two impasses:

(1) With only three members, it was unlikely that more than one candidate would be nominated and seconded for each office, thus defeating its purpose of providing the Authority board with a choice of candidates.

(2) Former Authority chair and current nominating committee member Ted Darcus mislead the committee by declaring that LeCrone as committee chair was not allowed to nominate or second a candidate!

The result was only Morris nominated for Chair, virtually assuring his re-election.

When confronted days later by a NewsLanc reporter days later with evidence that a committee chair is permitted to nominate, Darcus tried to excuse himself by saying he was just asking a question. But a recording of the proceedings posted on NewsLanc proves otherwise.

Morris had requested a recommendation from LeCrone and had seemed inclined to follow LeCrone's lead.

NewsLanc has sent an inquiry to Morris and anticipates receiving a response soon.