Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tom LeCrone Resigning from Convention Center Authority

Commissioner Chairman Dennis Stuckey announced during Tuesday's Commissioners Worksession that he has received a letter from Thomas LeCrone announcing his resignation from the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority.

Stuckey read aloud LeCrone's explanation that his "activities and responsibilities have changed substantially since last March" and that LeCrone is " tending [his] resignation effective February 13, 2008 or as soon as the Board of Commissioners appoints [his] replacement."

Commissioner Scott Martin said, "I'd like to see people who are consensus-builders, people who understand that it's important that it's done in a financially prudent manner - because we all know it's here."

Democratic Commissioner Craig Lehman added, "I'd like to see someone who has experience serving in a similar role, someone who brings an ability to work in a public environment, and someone who has a history of working for the betterment of the community in general."

Asked by a NewsLanc reporter how soon the Board hopes to act to replace LeCrone, Commissioner Chairman Stuckey responded, "We may be able to do it by next week."