Thursday, February 28, 2008

7 Convention Center Bookings to Date; LCCA Retains Law Firms

At their full board meeting, Thursday night, the members of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority voted unanimously to approve contract extensions with two law firms for ongoing legal consultation.

The first is a renewed engagement letter with Fenningham, Stevens, & Dempster dated February 21, 2008.

Authority Solicitor Chris Hausner explained that Fenningham, Stevens & Dempster is the firm the Authority has been using for 3 years in order to handle ongoing litigation.

The Authority also approved an engagement letter with Stevens & Lee for legal services through August 31, 2008.

Hausner explained, "Stevens & Lee had been solicitor for the authority last year. And When they stepped down... the Authority continued to utilize Stevens & Lee on occasion for those matters in which Stevens & Lee had participated to such an extent that it was more cost-effective for them to address certain things than it would be for the us to hire a new solicitor and have to bring them up to speed on that."

Chair Art Morris remarked, "We are hoping that we will not have to use these services."

In other business, Kevin Fry, chair of the Public Relations, Marketing, and Hospitality Committee, revealed during his report that the Convention Center has seen 7 bookings to date.
The target for 2009 is 58 total event bookings.