Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Commissioners to Consider Updated Park Rules, Contract for Elections Materials

At their weekly Commissioners meeting, Wednesday, the County Commissioners are expected to consider changes in rules of conduct within the County Parks.

Under the new rules, archery, paintball, golf, and fireworks will all be prohibited within all of Lancaster County's public parks. Swimming in the rivers on park properties is also something the Parks Department hopes to discourage with stronger penalties, said Chief Park Ranger Lore Verne.

The Commissioners are also expected to approve a contract renewal with William Penn Printing of Pittsburgh in the amount of $15,987 for "Election Supplies for the 2008 Primary and General Elections."

The contract is for "general office supplies and printing services," Barry Hitchcock, the County's Director of Purchasing explained.

The County Commissioners meet at 9:15 am Wednesday in room 502 of the Lancaster County Courthouse.