Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Demolition to Occur on Lancaster Square this Summer

Mayor Gray announced at Tuesday's City Council Meeting that "the city is working with ARRO Engineering on a Public Works project to finalize engineering and design work in preparation for selective demolition of some of the east side of Lancaster Square."

"The intent of the demolition," he continued, "is to open up the square, reduce the scale of the superstructure on the east side of the square and to do some minor beautification on the square."

"This would set the stage for future development on the east side of the square," Gray said, adding that the city anticipates design work to be completed by the end of April, bidding to be completed by late May, and demolition to begin in July.

Gray described the concrete structure across from Binns Park as an "eye sore."

City Director of Economic Development Randy Patterson noted that the planning and demolition would be primarily federally funded but would also involve a County contribution.

Also Tuesday evening, Mayor Gray presented two Lancaster City police officers, Michael Grace, and Christopher McCormick, with commendations for life-saving and heroism for extricating two individuals from a burning vehicle on August 25 of last year.

City Council President Louise Williams also thanked them for their heroism and they were given a standing ovation.

A NewsLanc reporter inquired as to what plans the City has for dealing with overflow parking at the Amtrak Station during the forthcoming reconfiguration of the parking areas. President Williams referred the reporter to the City's Director of Public Works, Charlotte Katzenmoyer.

Katzenmoyer revealed that the City has not been a party to the discussions as to what is to occur at the station. She added that she would have to consult with the County as to what will be occurring, particularly with regard to the parking situation, and what remedies might be pursued.