Friday, February 15, 2008

LETTER: Stuckey, Martin and Lehman Violate Sunshine Law

At Wednesday's County Commissioners' meeting, Chairman Dennis Stuckey informed the public that the meeting was canceled. A few hours later, Stuckey, Scott Martin, and Craig Lehman held a public meeting at which they deliberated and took official action. That meeting was illegal, which means the current Board of Commissioners VIOLATED THE SUNSHINE LAW.

Imagine if the previous Board of Commissioners violated the law in such an obvious and brazen manner? The previous board didn't even technically break the law and the Lancaster Newspapers ran the story like it was World War III.

Notice how LNP is treating this Sunshine Law violation. Shhhhhhhh.......

It is especially striking since the current Board rode into office on the flimsy platform that they weren't the previous Sunshine-violating board. These guys even had a taxpayer-funded public meeting a few weeks ago discussing the Sunshine Law. Evidently, they learned little.

Five weeks after raising their right hands, this board has already broken its first law. This is not exactly what I would call an auspicious beginning.

This story was first reported by Ron Harper, Jr.