Sunday, February 24, 2008

Local boy makes good!

The New York Times's What's Online "Suburbia's March to Oblivion" by Dan Mitchell quotes Sunday News columnist Gil Smart as follows:

"The idea that the American experiment with suburban sprawl would end badly is not a new one. But the work of Mr. Nelson, as amplified by Mr.Leinberger, shows that 'the traditional suburban model may be even less sustainable than we imagine,' writes Gil Smart, a columnist with The SundayNews of Lancaster, Pa., and writer of that newspaper's blog, Smart Remarks.

"But Mr. Smart has one criticism of the idea. If, he writes, 'McMansion suburbia is on the far side of the bell curve, it ultimately becomes even harder to construct new *urbanized* developments than it already is becauset he people who own those McMansions will have an obvious incentive to fight tooth and nail to protect their equity. Assuming they have some.'"