Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FBI Moves Luna Case to Philly;
DA Has No File or Interest

by Matt Henderson

On February 20, NewsLanc interviewed Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman concerning the controversial murder investigation by the authorities of Assistant U. S. Prosecutor Jonathan Luna.

Stedman said that he understands that the Luna case was now being handled by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia.

He said it's out of his hands and that he "has every confidence in that office" and that "they have the manpower and resources – even more so than we do – to handle an investigation."

He speculated that perhaps the investigation was moved from the FBI office in Baltimore to the Philadelphia office "because of the kinds of concerns you're raising" but stressed he "doesn't have a file on the case" - that it all happened under former Lancaster District Attorney (now County Judge) Donald Totaro and that Stedman doesn't know much more about it.

(Editor's note: Stedman was the second person in charge of the District Attorney office and did not "know much" about the most important local murder of a public official in perhaps a century and doesn't have a file on the case?)

In short, Stedman expressed no interest in pursuing the matter, content to point out that the federal authorities took control of the investigation before he came into office.