Monday, March 10, 2008

City, County to Meet in April to Discuss Amtrak Contingency Parking

The Chair of Lancaster City Council's Public Works Committee, Tim Roschel, told NewsLanc today that a meeting between city and county officials to discuss contingency parking at the Amtrak station is being scheduled for "some time in early April."

The meeting will likely include Mr. Roschel as well as Charlotte Katzenmoyer, the city's Director of Public Works, and James Cowhey, the Executive Director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission.

A construction bid is set to be awarded for the renovations to the Amtrak station as early as this summer.

Ultimately, those renovations will include an expansion in parking from the currently available 169 spaces to 300 spaces, according to Amtrak's Manager of Media Relations, Karina Romero.

But during this expansion, parking will be reduced by as much as a third for a period of "approximately two years," Romero said.

In light of this information, NewsLanc had inquired as to how the city plans to deal with the resulting likelihood that Amtrak passengers and their family and friends will inundate the surrounding neighborhood in search of parking spaces.

Roschel indicated that he will inform NewsLanc of future developments on the subject.