Wednesday, March 26, 2008

June 2009 targeted completion date for $48M County Building Renovations

At their weekly meeting this morning, the County Commissioners heard a brief presentation on the status of the renovations to the County office building at 150 North Queen Street.

Mike Myers, Operations Manager for KCI Technologies, the firm managing the construction, revealed that the targeted completion date for the project is June 2009.

The County has seen the price tag for the project increase a number of times and the projected cost is currently $48,396,242.

Commissioner Chairman Dennis Stuckey called the June 2009 target "surprising and disappointing" but indicated that things need to be done right, and that the largely inherited project must be seen through to completion.

The Commissioners publicly thanked all County employees for their patience and understanding during this time of transition.

Also Wednesday, Commissioner Stuckey announced that the weekly public meetings are now being recorded on video and that the County is considering making such video available on the County website.

"So, just to let you know, everything you say in this room is being recorded - even your conversation amongst yourselves, probably," Stuckey eerily remarked.