Sunday, March 30, 2008

LETTER: Thibault Distancing Self from Convention Center Vote

Based upon the Sunday News account of the MT senate candidates appeared to me that Paul Thibault is changing his tune:

1) He is retreating somewhat on the bond guarantee and is now raising concerns that the project has exploded in size, scope, dollars.

2) He is attempting to place blame and his own Convention Center position on the dysfunctional system that the state heaps on 3rd-class counties.

This must be followed up and he must not be allowed to run for cover.

He knew full well that he was doing nothing more than committing this county, and his successors, to a project that was not ready for prime time...

If he was so concerned about the rising costs, he should have come out and supported Dick and Molly who were doing nothing more than objecting to that fact.

As for blaming the state, this sounds so much like Charlie Smithgall's constant cry that the federal government is to blame for the Lancaster Square debacle. When do we take some responsibility for ourselves?

This guy wants to be our Senator? He would not get my vote for dog catcher.