Thursday, March 6, 2008

New York Times's prasies F&M's John Fry

A very laudatory article appears today (March 5) in the Face Book section entitled "A College President Whose Credentials Stress Taking Care of Business."

The Times reports: "Like a small but growing number of college and university presidents, Mr. Fry earned his stripes outside the classroom, on the business side of higher education. When he became Franklin & Marshall’s president six years ago, he arrived with unusual experience in administration, finance and neighborhood development. "

After listing a formidable array of Fry's accomplishments to date, the article goes on: “There are two speeds in Lancaster,” said Louise L. Stevenson, a professor of history and American studies. “There is Lancaster speed, and there is Fry speed. And Fry speed is fast.”

The article is an informative and an enjoyable read. It can be found at: