Monday, March 24, 2008

COMMENTARY: A Pact With the Devil?

For those of us who found Ted Darcus's actions as chair of the Convention Center heavy-handed and ignorant, it has been difficult to reconcile his despicable actions at the LCCCA with the splendid service he has long provided the youth of our community.

One of Darcus's most outspoken critics experienced a revelation when he paid a visit to the three year old Bright Side Baptist Church on Hershey Avenue at Wabank Road. There across a good portion of one wall was a listing of the major donors for the $5 million church and community center.

Although primarily an African-American institution, it appears that Bright Side was funded almost entirely by the White elite, with names such as Buckwalter, Steinman and High prominent as major donors.

Unlike as with the LCCCA and Penn Square Partners, all of the money for Bright Side came from private sources. There were no government grants involved.

Not only has Darcus long worked for Bright Side, but he was one of the prime fund raisers for this estimable cause.

Is it a coincidence that soon after the funding was raised largely from Lancaster's Power Elite that Darcus took over the helm of the LCCCA and rammed the project through despite considerable opposition and all logic?