Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Commissioners Call Severance Fair, Defend Refusal to Elaborate

In response to repeated questioning from NewsLanc and others as to why two former County administrators are receiving a quarter-year's worth of salary and benefits as "severance pay," Commissioner Chairman Dennis Stuckey responded, "We thought it was a fair severance package" but declined to comment further.

"In our understanding in the public, he resigned," said Jesse Storm of Manor Township. "What is going on behind the scenes?"

"I know of no other business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that pays out one-quarter of the time that you've worked as a severance package to any employee who leaves," he continued.
NewsLanc reporter Matt Henderson reminded the Commissioners that they have a responsibility to use the taxpayers' money wisely.

In response to further prodding, Democratic Commissioner Craig Lehman said, "The only way to be fair and respectful to all parties is to not comment on personnel matters," opining further that it can lead to situations in which individuals are embarrassed and "ripped apart in the media."

"And I'll take a hit for that," Lehman said. "That's my job."

Commissioner Scott Martin was not present at Wednesday's Commissioners meeting.

Stuckey explained, "Commissioner Martin was excused today because he's in [Washington] D.C. for the Pope's visit."