Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EDITORIAL: Pre-Announcement of Rivera Selection Was In Public Interest

Sometimes prudence must override civil niceties. We believe that the announcement last week that Pedro Rivera was the choice of the majority of the school board was such a situation.

As it was, more than 200 people showed up for the vote at the School District of Lancaster's board meeting last evening held in the auditorium of P. J. McCaskey High School. Normally, another room is used for board meetings but it can only accommodate about 120, including those standing.

Had the selection of Rivera not been announced a few days earlier, there might have been hundreds more present with most expecting and demanding the selection of local favorite Buddy Glover.

This would have put incredible pressure on board members supporting Rivera. And who knows how contentious the crowd might have become if they came expecting Buddy Glover to be selected and then were rebuffed!

We believe board president Patrick Snyder properly assessed the potential for danger and acted wisely in reducing the pressure on the board and the volatility of the meeting by what under other circumstances would have been a premature announcement.