Wednesday, May 21, 2008

County Morgue Plans Still Not Submitted

The answer to a citizen's question at the Lancaster County Commissioners' Meeting on Wednesday, May 21, revealed that the new morgue project is lagging.

"How far are we?" Bill Bonanno of Rapho Township asked. "What's it going to cost?"

"I don't think anything has been formally submitted to the township," Don LeFever, the County Solicitor said.

Bonanno expressed concern over rising costs due to the delays.

The new county morgue is planned for Farmingdale Road in East Hempfield Township. However, the township's zoning will need to be changed to allow the new forensic center use. A new facility is needed since the sale of Conestoga View, the present location of the county morgue.

"We could have another 150 North Queen Street where the prices keep rising," Bonanno told the commissioners.

Lefever responded: "We have been in ongoing communication with (Lancaster County) Solid Waste (Authority), which is the owner of the land. We are aware of the timeframe within which the design and construction needs to begin based upon the extension we obtained for our current occupancy at the present location from the current owner of the Conestoga View facility."

The Commissioners revealed they have met with state representatives to seek state funds to "offset part of the cost" of the new forensic center.