Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lancaster Residents Respond to DA's Appeal

As first reported on on Tuesday, May 20, Monica Mosely, Assistant District Attorney, told the Lancaster County Commissioners that there was a real need for three more Youth Aid Panels in the city and township, while the rest of the county was adequately covered.

Mosely today told NewLanc that by noon on Thursday, May 22, she had received over 150 inquiries from residents expressing interest in volunteering for the program. (The Intelligencer Journal carried the story on its front page on Thursday.)

"The response has been overwhelming," Mosely said. She added that it will take some time to process all the requests for information and participation.

Because juvenile offenders make a contract with the community to make amends for the offense they committed, volunteers must be from the local community, and not just county residents. In Lancaster City and Township, Mosely is seeking to establish five youth aid panels, one for each of the five magisterial districts.