Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Era Breaks With Establishment, Urges Defeat of Charter as proposed

The New Era on May 17th published a thoughtful and provocative editorial highly critical of the proposed Home Rule Charter as currently constituted.


"Many here hoped home rule would bring progressive reform. Instead, it promises just the opposite – a government regressive and deformed."

"But the charter up for a vote in November's election is filled with flaws – major flaws that would wreck the balance of power in this county and open it to a form of political bossism not seen since the 1920s."

"It robs voters of a direct voice in choosing the county's executive branch."

"It subverts the independent authority of the district attorney and controller. It politicizes now-independent authorities. It puts subpoena powers where they do not belong."

"In its present form, the proposed home-rule charter deserves defeat at the ballot box."

"It's not too late. The commission members have until Sept. 4 to make substantive changes."

A further sign of a return to responsible journalism would for the Intelligencer Journal or the Sunday News to set forth an equally thorough and forceful a defense of the Charter as now formulated.