Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SDL Declined Interview, Claims "Personnel" Exemption

Over the past two days, NewsLanc has been investigating alleged cheating at the Wickersham Elementary School on PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Achievement) tests which are required under the federal "No Child Left Behind law." The tip stated that questions had been raised in the past over test scores for the school that seemed much higher than conditions would have suggested.

In response, NewsLanc reporter George Sheldon on Tuesday contacted Kelly Burkholder, Coordinator of Community Relations of the School District of Lancaster and requested an in-person interview with Acting Superintendent Stephen Iovino, Ed.D., "about PSSA test cheating at the school district."

Burkholder called back later and stated that she had passed on the information and request to Iovino and he said he would call back that evening. There was no call.

Subsequently E-mails request for an interview were sent to Iovino at 7:30 AM and again 11:00 AM.

Iovino responded via E-mail at ll:30 AM that "Kelly Burkholder will provide you with a press release (see below) this afternoon."

Dr. Bernard X. James Sr. is the principal of the Wickersham School.