Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SDL members accused of cheating on PSSA Tests

Members of the School District of Lancaster have been accused of cheating on the PSSA tests, NewsLanc has learned. The PSSA tests are part of the "No Child Left Behind Program."

Information that NewsLanc has been trying to confirm with the SDL centered on the unusually high scores achieved over past years at the Wickersham elementary school.

Despite repeated contacts for an in-person interview, Dr. Stephen Iovino, Assistant Superintendent of the School District of Lancaster, has thus far declined NewLanc's request.

Only after NewsLanc's persistent and repeated requests, a one-line e-mail message from Dr. Iovino was received informing us that a press release would be issued sometime Wednesday afternoon.

Michael Race, Deputy Press Secretary, of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, confirmed that the School District of Lancaster is under investigation for alleged cheating on the PSSA tests.

Race said two complaints had been received by the Department of Education in early April about the School District of Lancaster's administration of the PSSA test. Race confirmed that the Department has directed the School District of Lancaster to investigate the matter and report to the Department with their findings. The Department requires the District to complete their investigation within 45 days.

NewsLanc will update the story as more information becomes available.