Sunday, June 1, 2008

Biography - Robert Edwin Field, NewsLanc's President

Graduate of University of California - Berkeley, BA '59 with major in economics. Semi-retired builder, owner and operator of apartment complexes and hotels ( Partners with son Richard who develops real estate and planned communities in Eastern Europe. Executive producer for award winning motion pictures "Liquid Sky" (1983), "Diamond Men" (2001), and the documentary "Stalin's Wife" (2005). The motion picture "Perestroika" is to be released early in 2009. Finance chairman of Arlen Specter's successful 1980 state wide senatorial campaign. Co-founder with Melvin R. Allen of Project Forward Leap, for twenty years a program providing five weeks of educational overnight summer camp plus a year around academic support program for about 300 inner city youngsters annually of academic promise. Founder of Central Pennsylvania Syringe Exchange. Co-founder with Kevin B. Zeese of Common Sense for Drug Policy. Co-sponsor (2002 - 2005) of a state and federally approved Lancaster Prototype Methadone Program permitting local prescription fulfillment and medical care for stable clients while patients remain under aegis of a regional methadone clinic. Publisher of
Committed to the concept that an accurately informed public will make sound policy decisions over the long run.