Monday, June 9, 2008

Conestoga's Halfway House Closed

Barnabus House on Main Street in Conestoga has moved, NewsLanc has learned.

The four residents, all parolees living in a halfway home, were seen moving furniture and other household items from the ministry Monday afternoon. Despite the sweltering heat, eyewitness reports confirmed the residents of Barnabus House were moving out.

NewsLanc had reported earlier that Barnabus House planned to relocate from Conestoga.

Last month, over 300 residents packed the Conestoga Fire Company to attend a citizen's 'safety meeting'. Word had leaked out about Barnabus House, a ministry halfway house that provided housing to four men, three of whom are registered under Megan's List. Although none were convicted of any crime against children, local residents were panicked with their presence in what many consider a bucolic village.

NewsLanc has learned the new location of Barnabus House , but an editorial decision has been made not to disclose it.