Wednesday, June 4, 2008

F&M Has No Comment About Sexual Molestation Accusation

"No comment," said Dulcey Antonucci, Director of Media Relations of Franklin & Marshall College, when asked about the charges of Ron Harper, Jr. that he was assaulted while under arrest by F&M’s Public Safety Officer, Sergeant Ed Carroll.

Antonucci repeated in a telephone interview Wednesday afternoon that she would have no comment at all about Sgt. Carroll when asked other questions about his length of service, if other complaints of this nature have been made against the officer, or why the officer would touch Harper's testicles three times during his detention.

Antonucci seemed annoyed with the questions, and at one point, suggested that NewsLanc and Lancaster Post are associated. NewsLanc and the Lancaster Post have no common ownership or common management.

Nor is the Post immune to the "bite" of NewsLanc's WATCHDOG Column.