Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Quieter, Gentler Conestoga Gathering

More than 80 residents packed the Conestoga Township Supervisors' Meeting on Tuesday, June 3, to discuss the Barnabus House on Main Street. With dozens more standing outside the township office, the crowd endured sweltering heat in the room to hear anything new.

As reported by NewsLanc on Friday, May 23, Barnabus House is set to move. It was announced that the ministry is likely to move before this Friday. The new location, although in Lancaster County, has not been revealed.

The residents of Conestoga were much more subdued at Tuesday's meeting than they were at their last previous public meeting – called by community residents and not an official government meeting – which was held Monday, May 18.

Since the Barnabus House is moving, the crowd was restrained. They seemed more focused on changing the township's zoning laws.

The supervisors agreed that it is likely that the zoning ordinance will be tweaked and changes made that restricts transitional housing.

Conestoga's Main Street has become dotted with "No Trespassing" signs over the past weeks. Long-term residents erected the signs to keep the four residents of Barnabus off their property. There have not been any reports of trespassing before or after the signs were put up.

Neither Tom Armstrong, former State House Representative that set up the Barnabus House, nor any of the four residents living in the house, attended Tuesday evening's meeting.