Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Red Rose Transit Adding Service in August

David Kilmer, Executive Director, Red Rose Transit Authority (RRTA) announced at the Tuesday County Commissioners Work Session that additional service to current Lancaster County bus routes is coming in August.

Kilmer said there would be later trips added on the current routes, including to the outer portions of the county, due to an extra $700,000 in federal and state funding.

"Being a squeaky wheel works," Kilmer said. "And we’ve been squeaky."

Kilmer said the recent 15-cent fare increase will only cover rising fuel costs, and has no effect on the extended service.

Help from Congressman Joseph Pitts and the two Pennsylvania senators to keep funding in place is enabling the additional service. Kilmer said RRTA has been constantly seeking additional funding. RRTA receives maximum funding because of its and the county’s growth.

The extended service cannot start sooner than August because of the time it takes to hire more drivers, print schedules, and make adjustments in operations.

Kilmer told the commissioners that he is exploring the possibility of adding a commuter service from Lancaster to both York and Reading.