Monday, July 21, 2008

Amtrak Reveals Plans for Expanded Parking

Approved site plans for future parking at the Lancaster Amtrak Station will provide for 89 more parking spaces. The plan also allows for a local bus canopy, taxi drop off area and a Trailways Bus canopy.

The prior proposed plan, criticized by NewsLanc, only added 36 spaces, and those spaces were remote from the train station.

According to plans provided by Rettew Engineers, the construction will take place in four stages to avoid undue hardship on travelers. Where possible, new spaces will be in place before existing places are removed or taken temporarily out of service.

The new plans call for: Amtrak Vehicle/Employee parking - 79; Short Term Parking - 25; and Long Term Parking - 211, for a total of 315 vehicle parking spaces.

The plans can be viewed at: Site Plan, Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three, and Stage Four.