Wednesday, July 23, 2008

City Amtrak Station Planners Accounting for Lititz Pike Bridge Plans

NewsLanc readers have asked whether the plans for the Lititz Pike Bridge, scheduled for construction in 2012, align with the plans for the Lancaster City Amtrak Station renovations.

So we asked James Cowhey, the Executive Director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission at Wednesday morning's Commissioners meeting.

His response was as follows:

"The bridge will just touch the Amtrak property where Duke street ends. The property line between Amtrak and the Brubaker lot is probably right around the center line of Duke Street. And that's where the bridge is going to line up. So it'll just touch the Amtrak station property a little bit. But what PENNDOT has told us is just plan ahead and we'll deal with that as they do the final design of the bridge, so the final impact will be minimal."