Saturday, July 19, 2008

EDITORIAL: "Lifting up the fallen."

It saddens us to see pictures on the front page of the July 18th Intelligencer Journal of people protesting in front of the home of former state Representative Tom Armstrong because he has given sanctuary to individuals who have paid their debt to society and who now seek to get on with life.

Of the people who oppose providing housing in their community for former sex offenders, we wonder how many have religious affiliations and attend houses of worship?

A Jewish morning prayer includes "Blessed is God for lifting up the fallen." The same sentiment is expressed by other faiths. And if we bless God for "Lifting up the fallen", shouldn't we endeavor to emulate God?

Isn't that thought also expressed by secular ethicists?

Apart from religious and ethical concerns, how can we subscribe to the logic that it is okay for offenders who have murdered and assaulted to live next door in anonymity, but sex offenders must be identified, stigmatized, and obstructed from living a life?

A measure of the moral fiber of a community is what steps it takes to protect the least popular, the most vulnerable.

How many sermons this weekend will be about "Lifting up the fallen?" If you hear one, please let NewsLanc know.