Thursday, August 28, 2008

An example of raw political clout

Usually invitations for fund raising events come from local committees, with a chair, several co-chairs, and various sponsors. It isn't easy to attract potential donors to these events, so the trick is to line up co-chairs and many committee members before hand to attend and bring along other likely contributors.

But this isn't the case with the invitation recently received for a "private lunch in honor of U. S. Senator Arlen Specter" at the Hamilton Club.

Rather the invitation states: "S. Dale High cordially invites you..."

We can be confident that the luncheon will be well subscribed, with many attendees being contractors and suppliers of the various High companies as well as associates of High from the Lancaster Alliance and elsewhere.

And the message will not be lost on Senator Specter or other politicians: High is able to provide heavy funding for campaign war chests, and High's needs - such as federal funding of the Rt. 30 Interchange improvement for the proposed "Crossings" shopping center - merit full attention.

Full disclosure: NewsLanc's publisher was Finance Chair for Specter's successful senatorial campaign in 1980.