Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LETTER: Requests names of Alliance members

"Would you please publish the names and addresses of the members of the Lancaster Alliance? I would greatly appreciate knowing who has sold us down the river and I believe many other people would also be interested in knowing."

Editor's Response: According to the Lancaster Post which obtained the information from public filings, the list is as follows: Armstrong, Barley Snyder, Burnham Boiler, Core Source, Ecklin Group, Economic Development Co., Engle Hambright and Davies, Franklin & Marshal, Fulton Financing, High Industries, Irex, Lancaster City, Lancaster City Police Foundation, Lancaster Community Safety Coalition, Lancaster County, Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster Newspapers, Millersville University, PP&L, RR Donneley, Steinman Foundations, UGI, Wachovia

However, the differing amount of financial support is perhaps more significant than the membership, because there appears to be a distinct corellation between funds given and amounts of federal and state grants directly or indirectly benefiting the members.

Visit the August 22 edition of the Post at and go to Page 7 to see a chart showing members and donations.