Thursday, September 18, 2008

CC marketing team struggles to add events due to geographic concerns

The Lancaster County Convention Center marketing team on Thursday announced four new opening-year bookings for the center.

Three planners backed out, however, resulting in a net increase from July to August of only 1 event.

Marketing Director Josh Nowak explained that a number of planners seem not to be very enthusiastic about our geographic location.

"I think our biggest challenge is the distance we are from Harrisburg," Nowak said.

He also noted that some meeting planners have allegiances to other areas of the state.

Nowak added that two "pretty strong tentatives for mid to late 2009" backed out and expressed interest for 2010 because they wanted to see how the Center performs in its first year.

For 2009, three trade shows, eight consumer shows and six other events are presently booked, bringing the total current number of opening-year bookings to 17.

Their goal, said Nowak, is to book 58 opening-year events, which leaves a balance of 41 to go.

The 17 booked events reflect $216,100 versus their August goal of $270,000 worth of booking revenue.

Nowak said that he also has $118,000 worth of prospects for 2009.

He admitted that the lack of additional trade shows has been behind expectations and disappointing.

Overall, however, LCCCA Public Relations, Marketing, & Hospitality Committee Chair Kevin Fry said, "The booking pace is good."