Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exchange between Berwood Yost and NewsLanc Publisher

BERWOOD YOST: I don’t agree that the ridership survey is misleading.

The survey was designed to identify the potential ridership of such a system and general sentiments about the system and that is what it accomplished. Your focus on the executive summary fails to acknowledge the many different analyses presented in the report.

You also fail to acknowledge the completely open access the public was provided to the methodology. If this were an attempt to mislead, none of the supporting documentation we provided would have been made available for public inspection.


We will publish your response with the article.

I hope you will reflect upon your responsibility to produce material that illuminates issues for the public, not fodder to be used by those who want to manipulate political thought. Lancaster suffered enough of that 'cherry picking' and manipulation of information over the convention Center project.

Whatever your intent, no matter how naive, you saw how the survey was mis-used. And you remained silent.