Monday, September 29, 2008

Is leadership failing School Lane Hills Association?

The communication below received from Bob Desmarais of the School Lane Hills Neighborhood Association (SLHA) seems to distance the organization from what should be a core concern. We worry whether Desmarais has been either distracted, is not up to his position, is overly concerned about offending anyone (especially John Fry), or has been co-opted by establishment forces.

At the sole SLHA meeting several months ago, Desmarais rejected the idea that an attorney should be engaged to represent the Association at a public meeting concerning relocation of the rail yard that was held at Franklin & Marshall. This was a huge blunder with devastating consequences for the home owners.

Subsequently, no further meeting of SLHA has been convened nor has there be meaningful communication.

Lastly, Desmarais had privately promised to pursue efforts to 'vacate' the Wilson Drive stub at the Franklin & Marshall athletic field and thus return title to the road bed to the home owners with frontage on the stub. This would greatly reduce the chances that Wilson Drive someday would be extended to the Harrisburg Pike . We are unaware of any action that he has taken.

We encourage residents of School Lane Hills to attend the Oct. 7th meeting and, in addition to being briefed concerning the status of the railyard plan, to consider whether there is a need to select more pro-active leaders for its own organization.

"To Our Association Members,

"TRRAAC has offered the attached flyer informing of a meeting on October 7th. SLHNA is not responsible for the statements made in the flyer and is providing the information as a courtesy to our neighboring organization.

"School Lane Hills Neighborhood Association
c/o Bob Desmarais
1410 Newton Road
Lancaster, PA 17603-2461