Sunday, September 14, 2008

LETTER: GSC required by law to give recommendations

"I disagree with you on this one and let me explain why:

"Anytime that someone uses the word 'illegal' without citing a law – you should be suspect that there is no such law. Let me address the county logo issue as well as explain the reason Government Study Commission (GSC) are REQUIRED under the home rule LAW to disseminate THEIR recommendation.

"To begin - the Government Study Commissioner exists because thousand and thousands of Lancaster County voted in favor of the GSC. They are a legal entity created with the power given to them by statute but more importantly the people of Lancaster County.

"Now that the citizens have given them the power – what tasks are they authorized under the law to do?

1) STUDY our form of government
2) DECIDE if it needed changed
3) CREATE essentially a new constitution if they think it needed changed.

"Lancaster County Government Study Commission has done all three of the above.

"The people's representative chose – after examining our current government – to recommend Home Rule.

"You can argue against their conclusion but you can't argue against their legal authority to do so.

"Next, the GSC is REQUIRED by LAW to (as cited in the case law I sent)

"'Section 210 requires the Study Commission to report its findings and recommendations to the public by publishing its final report.'

"Please notice that the GSC is REQUIRED by LAW to give the public its RECOMMENDATIONS.

"We the people elected them – they did what we told them to do – now the GSC is telling us what they think after hundreds of hours of study. Finally, since the majority of voters authorized the creation of the GSC and their mission – study and possibly recommend altering the form of LANCASTER COUNTY government –the GSC are more than entitled to use the county seal since it will go with the charter should it pass! Because the GSC chose to alter our government – the public by LAW is to be notified of their conclusions – call it education or advocacy. They didn't conclude that they would alter the government and not have reasons that the public should be told.

"Fight the passage of the home rule charter on its merits but don't make specious arguments that don't align with the law. The same goes for the county commissioners. They voted to give the money – taking it back after a contract is already awarded ain't right in my book.

"I have yet to read/study the charter but am planning to do so... I personally have not made a decision on the subject."