Sunday, September 21, 2008

LETTER: McCaskey sports article a "cop out"

There is a lengthy article in the sports section of today's Sunday News that focuses on McCaskey's challenges in the area of athletics. It seems as though they are attributing the problems they face solely due to being an urban school district.

I understand this is some part of the problem, but failing to address a lengthy period of time during which the Athletic Director failed at his job and his supervisor was asleep at the wheel makes their argument seem like a cop out.

One of the most disturbing comments in the article was head football coach saying that if things don't change, he doesn't think there will be a football program in a few years!

Congratulations to NewsLanc for forcing this issue into the light of day. Lots and lots of kids will gain valuable life experiences due to your... efforts.

Editor's note: NewsLanc shares the writers concerns. We will respond after completing research concerning the article's contention that inner city high schools cannot successfully compete in sports.