Monday, September 22, 2008

LETTER: "McCaskey's Challenge" blames children

"I read the article and I agree the children are being blamed...

"How is this for irony. One of the former Lancaster coaches is now the Head coach at York High and they are undefeated this year and they only lost two games last year. This coach took a lowly football program and built it up.

"In Harrisburg, a new coach a few years ago built that program up and last year they were district champs and lost in the state quad A semi-final game to the eventual champs.

"Coatesville generally has a solid program."

"How can the football coach say 'If things do not change there will be no more football in a few years?' ... Football starts with adequate numbers and they
shrink. This year is no different.

"One more point of interest, the current Penn Manor coach is in his second year there after leaving McCaskey and his team is undefeated."