Sunday, September 14, 2008

LETTER: Missing the point re GSC mailer controversy

"... The Government Study Commnission is NOT a branch of the Lancaster County government. Nor does it represent any function of that government. The GSC is supposed to be entirely independent.

"The GSC has no legal claim on the Lancaster County logo. By publishing an advertisement that includes the Lancaster County logo, the GSC is saying to the public that it represents the Lancaster County government, which it does

"If the GSC wants to find private funding to sell their position to the public, then the County Commissioners cannot stop them. On the other hand, the County Commissioners do have the right to refuse taxpayer funding for an 'advertisement' that advocates one particular position, instead of being an educational piece.

"I understand that it is the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry which
will 'privately' fund the GSC mailer, which is clearly designed to get people to vote in favor of 'home rule'. Remember this is the same Chamber that presented the idea of 'home rule' and the GSC, the same Chamber which worked so hard to get enough signatures so their proposal would appear on the ballot.

"This is the same Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry which exists to promote the agenda of the biggest and most powerful businesses in Lancaster County. Since the Lancaster Chamber is funded by its member businesses, primarily by the largest and most powerful ones, it must cater to the demands of these special interests."