Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monday morning rush hour back up on Walnut Street

NewsLanc had noted that once a week, Walnut Street just west of Queen Street is obstructed by a tractor trailer parked two thirds across the road, thus creating an obstruction for rush hour traffic.

Below is the is response from Sgt. Gary Metzger of the Lancaster City Police explaining why the unloading takes place at that time and relating efforts over the years to correct matters:

"I think I'm correct in saying that the tractor and trailer is in the 1st block of W. Walnut St. every Wednesday morning. They are making a delivery to the State Store which is located in the 200 block of N. Queen St.

"The loading dock for the State Store is located in the 1st block of. W. Walnut St. For at least 10 years they have been delivering on Wednesday morning.

"When they started doing what they are currently doing, I contacted the Liquor Control Board and the trucking company. I wasn't successful with them. I was basically told that the truck makes deliveries to several stores. It just happens, that Lancaster is the first delivery in the morning.

"I asked if they could use a small truck. I was told that when they bid on the contract, they bid on being able to use 48 ft. trailers.

"I then contacted a State Senator about the issue. I think he tried to address it, but was unsuccessful.

"Former Mayor Smithgall tried to address it, but was unsuccessful.

"We were successful in getting them to only take up one travel lane. In the past the truck took up a parking lane and two travel lanes. The right parking lane was used as a travel lane.

"If you have any other questions, please contact me at 735-3332. Sgt. Gary Metzger - Supervisor of the Traffic Support Unit."

At least we know the Lancaster authorities, from police on up to mayor, have tried to remedy the matter over the years.