Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NewsLanc exclusive from SD of L Superintendent Pedro Rivera

In response to a request from NewsLanc, School District of Lancaster Superintendant Pedro Rivera sent the following response:

"The School District of Lancaster serves a larger and more diverse student body, so we must be more thoughtful and strategic in the way we support our children and the community."

"Sports play an integral role in many students' lives. Not only do sports teach students about winning and losing, they also give students a sense of belonging – a sense of being part of a team. Coaches are responsible for more than running practices and coaching games. They must teach all aspects of sportsmanship, responsibility, accountability, and teamwork."

"The District is highly committed to hiring an athletic director who shares that same vision. McCaskey students have tremendous talent. It’s our job to make sure they’re given the ability to use it."

"This same belief holds true for all districts, not just urban districts. Drugs and alcohol, teenage pregnancies, and other issues reach far beyond inner cities."

"Whether you’re a District employee, a parent or community member, it’s our job to provide our children with positive programs in which to participate in."

"I expect to see significant changes in our athletic program in the near future. I won’t accept anything less."