Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another dirty trick re TRRAAC?

The School Lane Hills Homeowners Association (SLHHA) supposedly held its first public meeting in half a year yesterday evening. The problem was its leader didn't send out a notice announcing it to the membership or to the media.

Late yesterday afternoon a short email notice of a change of venue was sent out without mention of date or time. NewsLanc inquired as to the date and time, but by the the time we read the response, the meeting had started an hour and a half earlier.

Embarrassed not to have provided coverage, NewsLanc inquired whether it had somehow missed the announcement. The following was the response from Bob Desmarais, President of the organization:

"The meeting notice was at the end of the Exec Board Minutes I mailed out. Other members told me last evening they thought the 'Next Meeting' was only for the Exec Board. We will be clearer next time."

A spokes person for TRRAAC said that Desmarais had not notified them about the meeting. Another source said only about ten residents showed up.

Did Desmarais feel obliged to call a meeting but did not want to deal with the TRRAAC issue? Sounds like he is either learning from or being advised by F & M's President John Fry. But that seemed likely from the only other SLHHA gathering and his subsequent non-actions on behalf the School Lane Hills neighborhood.

An old trick is to seet up an organization to lead the opposition and then do nothing.