Saturday, October 11, 2008

EDITORIAL: Lancaster oligarchy reconsidered

NewsLanc has been criticized for our articles critical of Franklin & Marshall president John Fry. And although our viewers and newsletter distribution are at record high, we note with regret that some prior supporters have become alienated.

We are sorry for this. But it is Fry's arrogance, duplicity and over reaching that is to be blamed.

Some time ago we included General Hospital and Fulton Bank along with F & M, High Group and the Newspapers as part of the "Big Five" oligarchy. But ever since it extracted itself from the convention center hotel project, Fulton has kept a low profile. And it may be acquired by a national bank.

If non-profit Lancaster General Hospital would recognize that its earnings (over $160 million last year!) far exceed what is needed for health care, LGH could not only fund many worthy but neglected causes, but also provide a more benign and altruistic community leadership, thus filling the role left of late by the Steinman family.