Saturday, October 25, 2008

F & M's John Fry continues to hide from interviews

NewsLanc requested an interview with John Fry, President of Franklin & Marshall College.

Media Relations Director Dulcey Antonucci replied to reporter Matt Henderson that F & M would deny an interview because they feel that NewsLanc "lacks journalistic ethics."

Fry claims Field was unfair to Berwood Yost in the interview about Yost's street car survey. According to Antonucci, Yost claimed that it turned into a shouting match and that it was not a professional interview. (Yost felt the line of questions wasn’t cordial, apparently because of the well researched and probing questions.)

Antonucci also complained on behalf of Fry that NewsLanc does not publish the names of letter writers and she said that is "suspicious."

When advised, Publisher Robert Field expressed gratitude that Fry didn't have F & M security guards mug Field on Field's front lawn across from the Fry residence as they had reportedly done to Lancaster Post Co-Publisher Ron Harper .

Field opined that "Bullies usually don't want to engage with reporters they cannot intimidate."

Field added that if F & M continues to refer to him as "Bob", NewsLanc would begin referring to Fry as "Johnny."