Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lancaster Post suspends publication

A message posted on Oct. 30th at in part states:

"The publishers of the Lancaster Post announced they are changing their focus from a print newspaper that happens to have a website, to a website that occasionally prints a newspaper.

"Ron Harper, Jr., co-Publisher said, 'We published for more than half of a year, every week, established the Post as a brand, and have plans to print again, but less frequently.'

"Harper and co-Publisher, Chris Hart Nibbrig, are going to spend the next two weeks focusing on their mockumentary, 'Big Wigs of Lancaster,' and upgrading their otherwise self-described 'boring' website. 'Because of the skeleton crew that puts out the Post, our voice will be silent for a short while, but when "Big Wigs" comes out, people will know the Post is back!' said Harper."