Monday, October 27, 2008

Misaligned elevator shaft costs LCCCA $86,000

The base for an elevator shaft within the Convention Center has been misaligned, Executive Director of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority Kevin Molloy announced Monday night.

A hole drilled for a freight elevator shaft is nine inches off, Molloy said.

The error has resulted in an $86,000 change order to re-drill and correct the problem.

That change order will be before the full board for ratification on Thursday night.

Molloy pledged to find out who is responsible for the error and potentially seek to recover damages.

Molloy and Chairman of the Board Art Morris said that the Authority is just in the beginning steps of finding out who is responsible and what happened.

Board member R.B. Campbell suggested that details could not be discussed since the issue may involve litigation.

Morris said that the unanticipated cost would not significantly affect the current budget, since the amount is within a budgeted line item for change orders.