Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are Lancaster prison guards more dangerous than the inmates?

A yet to be identified inmate from Brooklyn, New York allegedly hung himself at the Lancaster Prison on Nov. 19.

According to a report in the Nov. 20 Intelligencer Journal, "While Warden Vincent Guarini said the death was 'definitely' a suicide, Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni said he would not rule on the manner of death until after an autopsy today."
Rumors have reached NewsLanc that the inmate had been severely beaten by guards in recent days. NewsLanc is investigating.

On Thursday, Nov 13, NewsLanc broke the story of a law suit against the County maintaining the prison guards are treating prisoners with extreme cruelty. "According to the complaint, the prison, under Mr. Guarini, 'has implemented policies and acquiesced to a culture of violence in its prison that led to the brutal beating of Plaintiff.'"

NewsLanc continued "The case is reminiscent of a 2006 case of Jon Eichelman, a painter who suffered a lacerated liver, broken ribs, and a fractured eye socket while incarcerated at the prison. In that case, the guards were alleged to have allowed other inmates to beat Eichelman. The County made a half million dollar settlement with Mr. Eichelman."

Earlier this week, the New Era launched a series dealing with treatment of local prisoners. NewsLanc welcomes their investigation.