Wednesday, November 5, 2008

EDITORIAL: What TRRAAC is really about

QUESTION: Is TRRAAC opposing the relocation of the Norfolk & Southern rail yard?

ANSWER: No. They want two alternative sites given serious consideration.

QUESTION: Does it make sense to spend tens of millions of taxpayers dollars digging up a portion of a waste site that has been safely covered by dirt and growth for decades and trucking it to another location to be buried?


QUESTION: Does it make even less sense to dig up asbestos bearing materials that were in their original safe state and converting them to friable (fragmentized and lethal) status through earth moving and trucking?


QUESTION: Is John Fry credible when he says he asked Donnelley Corporation if they would sell a portion of their land and they declined?

ANSWER: No. What corporate management would definitively say no prior to hearing the price? Furthermore, the government has the right of eminent domain to take the land for the expansion of the rail yard and pay Donnelley its market value.

QUESTION: Is TRRAAC asking that the proposed "Brickyard" dump no longer be considered?

ANSWER: No. TRRAAC is asking that the PA Department of Transportation and both the PA and federal Departments of Environmental Protection perform thorough reviews of the current proposal and the two alternate locations. TRRAAC is also endeavoring to raise funds to afford counsel and its own experts. Unlike F&M (and LGLH), TRRAAC has not received hundreds of thousands in federal funds to engage consultants, nor does it have deep pockets.

QUESTION: Are consultants inclined to work in the interest of those who engage them?

ANSWER: Usually. Otherwise they are replaced with those who will.